'Sieh das mal mit ihren Augen! Thailändische Sexarbeiterinnen in Hamburg - eine Innenperspektive'


We are pleased to present Pat´s latest book about Thai sex workers in Hamburg. The book was published in January 2018.


'Sieh das mal mit ihren Augen'

ISBN 978-3-00-058131-1

Author: Prapairat Ratanaolan Mix


The original English edition was published in 2016 under the title "To Walk in Her Shoes: An Inside Perspective on Thai Sex Workers in Hamburg, Germany".

ISBN 978-3-00-053905-3


You can get a copy of the book in our office for 10 € or otherwise order it by e-mail or phone (adding a 1,45 € freight charge). We will deliver the book after payment.


This book is not an academic work based on scientific evidence but rather based on observations and experiences made during Pat´s 20 years of work at Amnesty for Women e.V., with women in sex work. The book aims to paint a realistic picture of the sex industry, especially the situation of Thai sex workers in Germany. The life histories, circumstances, and backgrounds of women both in their home country and in Germany are documented here and supported by interviews with sex workers and women who employ them.


An additional interview with a sex worker has been added to the German edition of the book because many readers want to know more about the living conditions of Thai sex workers.


The book also serves as a guide for women activists who want to venture into the challenging field of street work and help sex workers. In addition to safety tips for counselors and street workers, it offers useful guidelines for carrying out their work.