Amnesty for Women - Städtegruppe Hamburg e. V. is a non-profit organization established in Hamburg in 1986 as a counselling centre and international meeting point for women.

As a human right organization, the main goals of Amnesty for Women e.V. are to raise awareness about and to fight against isolation, segregation, repression and all kinds of violence (e.g. domestic violence, trafficking) to which women are subjected due to their gender and being migrants.

Amnesty for Women e.V. works for sustainable improvements in the political and legal situation of migrants in Germany and the integration of female migrants at the local, national and international levels. We aim to raise awareness in society about issues surrounding migration and the presence of female migrants in the country. We work together with each individual, helping them to find ways to solve the problems they face.

Amnesty for Women e.V. seeks to ease the living and working conditions of migrant women, by supporting them and giving them the strength to make choices independently. We offer these women support by "helping them to help themselves" and by working to develop collaborative solutions. All legal advice and psychological/social counselling are offered in the women's native languages.